How Google Controls the Life of an Average Person?

How Google Controls the Life of an Average Person

Google is a well-known search engine available on the internet. Each and every individual tries to search on the respective search engine to grab the knowledge or correct information about any stuff related to education, cooking, dancing, planet, weather, universities, and much more.

Thus, we can conclude that Google is one of the prominent online platforms that actually help any individual to become a smarter person. On the same hand, getting help so quickly and easily, the concept is making all of us lethargic.

In this article, we will be discussing more about, “How Google Controls the Life of an Average Person” in brief.

· The Internet is taking over all of our minds and altering many of the physical as well as mental habitats of every individual.

· The respective online platform provides information by just clicking one event which is leading to loss of the individual’s capability and ability to read and avail the actual story.

How Google Controls the Life of an Average Person

Earlier, people used to do struggle and find different aspects to get the correct information. They were busy reading and getting deep knowledge about the topics that they had in their minds. But, after the development and evolution of Google, now individuals are getting their solutions without facing any trouble or struggle in their path. So, we can conclude that these performances have converted an individual’s life into sluggish.

  • Social media and search engine initiated to reshape individual’s social behavior

Have you ever thought about how technology has captured an individual’s mind? Earlier, people used to get the solutions on their own after doing so much effort and hard work. But, nowadays, the search engine has each and every answer that has reshaped an individual social behavior.

  • Internet saves the history in records to personalize future search results

Technology is becoming smarter day by day. Search engines or other websites try to check an individual’s online behavior and display the content accordingly. For example, if you have searched for the easiest ways for weight loss. This search will get saved into the search engine database and it will start to display the relevant topics in which you are interested. Hence, this process can reinforce confirmation and make people free from getting more information on their own.

  • Effecting individual’s memory

The more we dig into technology, the more we become free from our minds. Yes, this is true. You must have heard about Google Assistant which is now been used in most smartphones and gadgets. Such technology is now trying to control individual minds because they do not need to remember things or important schedules. Such processes control an individual schedule and perform tasks whenever required. This concept leads to empowering individuals to multitask.

  • The technology helps to explore new things in an easy manner

The search engine helped each individual in getting the solution right away. For example, you need to go to your favorite destination by road. Google Maps application is the game changer. It helps to reach the destination by following the accurate path, and directions provided by Google Maps. Such concepts are accurate as well as not time-consuming. The developers have developed the technology so smartly that it will help to explore new paths with less traffic consumption to reach the target in a small amount of time and following shorter distances as well.

  • Google provides an email facility, a data save feature on Drive, creating documents online

Earlier people used to save their data in hard drives. After the evolution of Google Drive, the Gmail email application, data save feature on Drive, as well as creating documents on the online platform. These all are small steps that are integrated into Google’s ecosystem. Hence, we can conclude that these are the effective steps to save the data into digital memories which can be accessed from any place.

  • Enhancement of business in the form of marketing

The digital media has initiated the online marketing and branding. This process gives the exposure to enhance online business. Search engine optimization is the technical term that is utilized by companies to rank their official websites in the top 10 results of search engines. Once your company website is visible in the Google search results, it has a higher chance to get good business across the globe. This process will help to increase the company’s revenue and grow unconditionally.

In conclusion, we can conclude that Google is one of the effective ways to get the solution to any question in a few seconds. So, you must have got the answer to the query, “How Google Controls the Life of an Average Person.” After following the solutions from search engines, it has an impact on humans’ personal and professional lives. The process is easy and accurate to get a wealth of information in a short span of time. On the other hand, technology always raises concerns about data privacy, control, and manipulation. In this 21st century, each and every one of us is indulged with the Google search engine and its solutions.

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